Golf Insurance


Additional Coverages

Golf Insurance Services offers additional products to help protect against potential exposures, including:

  • Pollution liability
    • Complete pollution coverages available that includes first and third party clean-up
    • Above ground storage tanks and under ground storage tanks
  • Earthquake and Flood insurance
    • Earthquake insurance available for buildings and contents
    • Flood insurance available for buildings, contents and the golf course grounds
  • Rain Insurance
    • Business interruption coverage for tournaments, banquets, or any other planned outdoor events disrupted by inclement weather
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage
    • Provides worldwide coverage for your members and guests while on Club sponsored activities and events
  • Health
    • Group or individual plans available
  • Life
    • Key person life insurance
    • Individual life insurance
  • Bonds
    • Performance bonds
    • Utility bonds
    • Surety and employee dishonesty bond

Coverage and limit may vary.